Description of device.


Purpose: Pre-heating the coolant of water-cooled vehicles.

It makes winter cold starts easy and makes it unnecessary to use any material or devices harmful to the engine (e.g. cold-start spray, flare, push starting…). The pre-heated engine starts more easily even in very cold weather (up to -25°C), saving the starter motor, the battery and the vehicle’s electric system. Engine oil cannot freeze in a pre-heated engine and it provides lubrication immediately. On the contrary, a frozen engine runs without lubrication for almost half a minute after starting, causing the most rapid and greatest wear to engines. The consumption of pre-heated engines is lower, too, as they require less additional fuel to reach operating temperature. By using the device, engine ageing is slowed down and the usability of old engines is improved. It provides a great help in starting gas-fuelled engines, as it enables pre-heating of the reductor, too. All devices are equipped with automatic temperature regulators to make their operation safe. Using the programmable time switch included, you can make its use even more convenient by heating up the car by the pre-set time. Modern diesel engines in good condition are easier to start but they are difficult to heat up and therefore heat up the passenger compartment much more slowly; however, this is different for pre-heated engines. Your day starts more easily and conveniently, like your car. Save energy, time and money! Boost your comfort, save your vehicle, yourself and your environment!


Safety requirements


  1. Manufacturers recommend you have the device installed and commissioned by an expert who has knowledge of the cooling system of the given vehicle, otherwise damage may occur to the vehicle and the device!
    2. The device should only be operated from a 230V power source with contact protection and fitted with a protective conductor and a 100mA current protection switch.
    3. The device may solely be used for vehicle cooling systems; any other use is FORBIDDEN!
    4. Check the integrity of the supply cable before each use. A faulty supply cable must not be used and must be replaced. The supply cable must only be extended or lengthened in accordance with applicable standards.
    5. The device has no disconnector switch; therefore it can only be powered down by disconnecting the power supply cable from the mains.
    6. A device has no overpressure limiter; this function is provided by the pressure limitation function of the vehicle’s cooling system.
    7. The device and the earth wire may only be attached to the vehicle by a screw connection! When attaching the earth wire, pay special attention to metallic conduction! Other mounting methods are prohibited and dangerous!
    8. The device should be protected from strong contamination and any hard impact. Strictly avoid hitting, drilling or welding the device, converting it in any way or pressure-washing it!
    9. It is FORBIDDEN to install the device in a way different from that described in the user manual, or to turn it on without fluid, even for testing!
    10. Check the mounting and the tightness of the device at least monthly and check the earth wire for any damage!
    11. The device must be disconnected from the mains before starting the vehicle!
    12. Operators must read the entire manual before using the device and must receive safety instruction regarding use of the device.
    13. The manufacturer undertakes repairs during and after the guarantee period, and provides a continuous supply of spare parts. It is recommended that the device is repaired by a professional electrician.

Instructions for use


The device must be connected into the cooling system of the vehicle vertically at the lowest point of the system (in line with the bottom of the radiator) and the mains cable should face downwards (the pipe connection on its bottom upwards)! This is precondition no. 1 for the operation of the gravitational heating! It is FORBIDDEN to install it any higher! It is recommended that you interrupt a pipe in the cooling circuit of the vehicle where the water is free to circulate without any obstacles (e.g. thermostat, heating tap, water pump)! This is precondition no. 2 for the operation of the gravitational heating! If the above two preconditions are not met, the device cannot work as intended and this leads to malfunctions. The device must be built into the small cooling circuit because this is the only way the heated water can circulate directly between the cylinder head and the engine block. If not its operation is useless as it heats the coolant in the radiator.
If the device was installed according to the safety regulations and the above then it can be put into operation as follows:
1. Fill the cooling system of the vehicle with coolant suitable for the vehicle type and verify the water tightness of the water connections.
2. Start the engine; run it for a few minutes and re-check the tightness of the water connections and the coolant level in the radiator.
3. If you find everything in order, connect the device to the mains. In a few minutes the device and the connected hoses begin to heat up. The forward hose will be heating up over an increasing length up to the engine block. If the water hoses are heating up over a length of a few centimetres only and the heating length does not change, there is no circulation and the device is not operating as intended! Disconnect it immediately and, as soon as it cooled down, check using the installation instructions whether there is an obstacle in any of the water hoses and whether the device has been bled properly. After troubleshooting, turn it on again and check its operation. After successful commissioning, the device does not require any maintenance beyond the monthly check as described in the safety regulations.
MTZ type water heater: Remove the frost plug above the starter motor and install the device in its place (using the seal included). This type of device requires greater attention because air may enter the system if 4-5 litres of water are missing! Check the radiator coolant level before each use!



Subject to the terms below, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty in relation to the device:

– During the warranty period all accessories and boxes of the device, as well as the data plate on the device, must be kept intact and must not be removed.
– Dismantling the device or failing to comply with any safety requirement or instruction for use will render the warranty void.
– The guarantee validated by the vendor and the receipt, invoice or postal slip attesting the date and place of purchase will be necessary for making any warranty claim.
– The device and its box must be cleaned of any stains and all accessories must be included.
– The legitimacy of any warranty claim may only be assessed by the manufacturer, as this requires the professional disassembly and examination of the device.
– Any transportation of the faulty device and all respective expenses are the responsibility of the customer.
– In the event of a fault, the manufacturer will not provide a replacement device and will not be held liable for damages.

All Faddi products are certified by TÜV NORD to the strictest international safety and quality standards.

Warning: All Faddi products are subject to patent protection. Any counterfeiting or copying (whether in whole or in part) will be prosecuted in accordance with international law.